Simple CrackersOne thing I miss is crackers. So I set out to find a low carb replacement.

A friend of mine went travelling for 6 months. She’s a vegetarian and has been moving toward a gluten free diet as well as incorporating lots of raw food into her diet. One way to do that is by using a dehydrator. So before she left I asked if I could borrow her dehydrator while she was gone. She emailed me back saying she was thinking the same thing! (Phew! Never know if you’re being too forward with these types of things.) So I have her dehydrator. I haven’t used it much as I find the preparation for many of the foods to be pretty labour intensive, and I can’t be bothered to use it for the simplest use: fruit. We eat our fruit fresh or in our baking. But I did find a “Simple Cracker” recipe in the Boutenko’s Fresh – The ultimate live-food cookbook (my friend also loaned me a bunch of raw food cookbooks with the dehydrator) which is incredibly simple and is a great little replacement. Flaxseed is high carb, but also high fibre, leaving 1.55 g of usable/effective carbs per 100 g of seeds (100 g translates into just over 1/2 cup of seeds). So they are an ideal little crispy (gluten-free for you GF types) low-carb cracker. I have a friend who is celiac and I brought them to her along with some cheeses and pear one night and they were a hit. My youngest really likes them (for “cracker sandwiches” especially) and my eldest likes them as well. The recipe is very similar to these Raw Flax Crackers. In fact next time I make them I think I’ll give the online recipe a try.

(Note: I have also tried a couple of ground flax dehydrator crackers, but found I don’t love the taste of mostly ground flax in recipes. With many other ingredients, it’s fine, but when that’s the bulk of the flavour, not so much.) 

We also found a great recipe, not as quick and simple and they don’t last as long as the flax crackers, in Dana Carpender’s 500 Low-Carb Recipes. They are Sunflower Sesame Crackers (page 150) and are delicious, low-carb and more “cracker-like” than the simple flax crackers above. Sorry, no photo of these delicious crackers, but the next time we make them I’ll take one.


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