It’s official!

We have been buying our organic produce through a local CSA (community supported agriculture) for several years now and have never customized our share, meaning we just take what they give us each week, which is a changing variety of fruits and vegetables. In summer and early fall, all of the produce is local, and in winter and spring it is supplemented with non-local food (they also have the option for local only, which we get for 2-3 months, but not all winter long). Here’s a sample of a winter small share:

Small winter share sample from Plan B Organic Farm CSA

And, as you can see, some weeks that can mean a lot of potatoes. So I decided that if we are serious about this low-carb thing, we’d better cut out the potatoes instead of a) eating them or b) avoiding them until they eventually become compost fodder. And I have officially done that. Starting this week, we have ordered a customized share and cut out the potatoes, adding more dark green leafies (spinach, chard, kale) instead.


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