Try before you buy 2

Another book I have had for several weeks from the library is this great little gem from Rose Elliot: The Vegetarian Low-carb Diet Cookbook, because, frankly, I get sick of eating meat all the time, not to mention the not-so-sustainable elements of meat-eating.

(On that note, we get our meat from local farmers, where the beef is naturally raised, the chicken is omega-3 enhanced, and the pork is humanely raised without antibiotics. Our lamb comes from Topsy Farms, naturally raised on pasture, no growth hormones, chemicals, animal by-products, or artificial breeding cycles, and no pesticides on the land. And we love buying directly from the farmers. Middleman? Who needs ’em?!)

I’ve made several of the recipes from this book, including the Mockeroni Cheese (because who doesn’t crave mac ‘n’ cheese every once in a while?), the Cream of Celery Soup (we’ve been getting lots of celery in our organics lately, and this was a tasty way to use it up), Tofu Crisps (tasty, but too much fuss for me. I’ll leave that recipe for the husband. Great with this seasoning salt, without the sugar and cornstarch.), and a modified version of the Spinach Roulade with Mozzarella and Tomato Filling as an alternative to our old well-loved staple of Molly Katzen’s Spanakopita. Tonight, though, was the Divine Cauliflower Bake, which didn’t go over too great with the kids, but what do they know? It was delicious! I made a half recipe which fit nicely in our oval casserole and fed the four of us perfectly with the Tofu Frites from The Low-Carb Gourmet.

Divine Cauliflower Bake


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