I love springtime!

Spring asparagus, nettle soup, and paneer fritters

This week we got our first asparagus (local!) of the season in our organics and served it tonight with a poached egg – yum!

Then yesterday while we were out with friends we came across a bunch of stinging nettles. I managed to gather a bagful (yes, I got stung a few times – I didn’t have gloves – and by this morning the pain was gone) for some nettle soup! I followed the delicious recipe from The Low-Carb Vegetarian Diet Cookbook, but basically, you can make it by sautéing some onions and/or garlic (or green garlic – another local springtime specialty in our organics this week), adding stock (chicken, vegetable, or just water) and nettles, boil, then simmer for 10-15 minutes until the nettles are very tender, then purée and add some salt and pepper to taste. This recipe had some cream and nutmeg as well and it was very tasty. Nettles are low in carbs, contain protein, iron, vitamins A and D, potassium, manganese, and calcium.

The other thing we ate with dinner last night was paneer fritters from another library loan. I’ll write more on that book another day but the fritters were a tasty treat.

homemade mint chip ice cream

Today, I collected a bunch of mint from our garden and made mint chip ice cream for our delicious dessert. I’ve never seen what the actual colour should look like, but it’s certainly nothing like the store-bought stuff. A friend asked for the recipe but I didn’t measure anything today. The recipe would be something like:

  • a whole lot of fresh mint leaves (next time I will try less than a whole lot as it was a bit too minty)
  • some heavy cream
  • some almond milk
  • some chopped dark chocolate

Put the cream, almond milk, and mint in the blender and blend until smooth. Add the chopped chocolate and make ice cream. (We have an ice cream ball that we bought several years ago, I think from LLBean. It works great, and you have to work a little for your ice cream, which probably isn’t a bad thing.)


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