Breakfast boredom

low-carb breakfast shakeThis morning I decided I needed a change from eggs or strained yogurt with homemade granola so I did a quick “low-carb breakfast” search and ended up at The reviews were all good, and (who’s kidding who?) it involved coffee so I thought I’d give this Low-Carb Breakfast Shake a try for a change. I’m not a “breakfast shake” sort of person… The only other time I’ve had breakfast shakes was when I was pregnant and I’d have a yogurt and fruit smoothie with breakfast, to up my calorie intake. (Of course I had to stop those once I tested positive for gestational diabetes.) So it was a bit of a stretch, but sometimes you’ve just got to break out of old habits.

I actually made it with vanilla almond milk, but next time I will definitely try it with coconut milk. It was a tasty treat. Just the thing to beat my breakfast boredom today.


One thought on “Breakfast boredom

  1. Granted, some people fare poorly when carbs are spared, and not just on cognitive tasks. Many also suffer mild to major anxiety or irritability, especially in the early (induction) stages of the diet. Some folks are just built that way, and may need to increase carb intake slightly while dieting. Others endure the initial stress to reap immediate benefits. Hands down, there is no faster way to lose weight, while improving metabolic health. The degree of discomfort depends largely on the choices you make…

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