Pesto Fest

fresh local basil

I don’t know about you, but when I hear the word pesto I immediately think pasta. So when we got a big gorgeous bunch of living basil in our local CSA’s organics this week I thought, “Pesto! But… with what?” Enter the internet search.

making pesto in the food processor

I came across The Food Network’s 50 Things to Make With Pesto page. It’s not particularly low-carb, but many could be made so with substitutions or subtractions.

So after perusal, I made chicken with pesto, sautéed garlic scapes (Not sure what they are? More about them here.) tossed in pesto, and a salad with local greens, tomatoes, and cucumber. I hadn’t thought about a dressing (but there was one made up in the fridge from the other night’s spinach salad) but when I found out my eldest was totally digging the scapes in pesto, I suggested pesto dressing. I added the juice of half a lemon to about a tablespoon or so of pesto. It was a pesto-heavy dinner, and it was delicious.


One thought on “Pesto Fest

  1. I am also a massive pesto fan – but like you have always thought if just wacking a spoonfull over a big plate of pasta. The site has some good ideas – pesto meatballs look great!

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