Ham steaks with mustard, apple, and fresh sage

[Okay, I’ve been trying to get this post up for a week now, but it’s been an incredibly busy week… Today’s the day!]

We are back from vacation plus a wedding on the way home. The first night back we hit a local Indian place for supper but the next night I had to figure supper out with what we had. Luckily, we have a freezer full of meat (one of the few pick up dates per year for our meat farmers was the week before our vacation began) and my herb garden mostly survived our absence. We had apples and salad fixings in the fridge.

I pulled out a couple of ham steaks because I knew they’d thaw quickly (a consideration since we done have a microwave) and figured the fresh sage might go well, since it’s always nice with pork. Then I took my search to the web. I came across this recipe but I didn’t have all of the ingredients (and we don’t do juice, for what I hope, on a low-carb blog, are obvious reasons. If not, feel free to ask about that in the comments), so I figured I’d make a heavily modified version. And it was delicious! So I figured I’d share it.

Ham steaks with mustard, apple and fresh sage

Nutrition data divided by 3 portions (there were 2 adults and 2 kids, but the boys eat half portions):

3 g effective carbs, 222 kCal, 32.7 g protein, 7.2 g fat

ingredients, plus ham steaks

Warm the some oil in a large frying pan. Brown the ham steaks and then remove from the pan and keep warm.

ham steaks

Add 3/4 cup of water to the pan and deglaze it, scraping in the crispy bits. Then add mustard, stir to mix well, and bring to a boil. Add the apple slices. (The water should just cover the apples. I started with 3/4 of a cup and added 1/4 cup at this point. It took a little more cooking down at the end.) Cover and simmer (lower the heat) the apples until tender, about 4 or 5 minutes.

apples frying

Remove the cover and cook the sauce down until it’s about half the volume. Add sage and pepper and stir. Add the ham steaks back to the pan and heat through. Serve ham topped with apples and sauce.

ham steaks with mustard, apples and fresh sage

Bon appetit!


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