low-carb chocolate chip cookies attempt # 4

low-carb chocolate chip cookies attempt # 4

So, I’ve been away a few times since my last post and have also been working on a few cookie recipes. They have not been perfected yet, and I will post them when they are. Basically I want a chocolate chip cookie recipe that looks like regular cookies and lasts a little longer than 2 days. Making them crispy is a challenge without sugar or sweetener as well so consistency is an issue. In the meantime, the look is coming along (right).

I also wanted to update the breakfast post and say that when we were on our 3 week camping trip earlier in the summer and I ran out of my homemade low-carb granola, I just had a handful of nuts and a bit of strained (Greek) yogurt and it was delicious.

I’ll keep updating that Variety of Breakfasts post with new ideas as they come to me and I start eating them on a regular basis.

Speaking of breakfast, I brought the waffle ingredients to a friend’s this past weekend but her waffle iron had died so we had the mix as pancakes (as the book suggests you can do as an alternative) and it turns out they are great waffles but not so great pancakes. Just wanted to share that.


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