Homemade Chicken Liver Pâté

chicken liver pate on low-carb sesame sunflower crackers

Homemade delicious chicken liver pâté on low-carb sesame sunflower crackers
© Owen Lewery 2013

We get whole chickens from local farmers here which come with the liver wrapped up inside. We don’t use this (like the neck and heart) for your stock, because it turns it green. So we’ve been throwing out the livers, which always seemed like such a waste to me. Last year a friend told me that he got a bunch of livers from his father-in-law (who raises chicken roasters on their sheep farm for family and a few friends) and made pâté, and it was totally simple to do. He sent us home from the visit with a couple of jars of said pâté and it was pretty yummy. So when I roasted a chicken last month, I decided to look up making chicken liver pâté, and, of course, my friend was absolutely right, it is simple. And quick. And absolutely delicious!

I ended up going with (well, mostly…) the recipe in the Guardian blog because the author (Felicity Cloake) tried several recipes from well-known chefs and explains her decisions on ingredients. I wanted to write this entry to pass on the great news that Yay! Making your own pâté is easy and quick and so delicious! I was making it with one liver and I didn’t have any Madeira, so my ingredient list was as follows:

  • 65 grams liver
  • 40 grams butter
  • 1/2 shallot, minced
  • 5 ml (plus a bit) dried thyme
  • 20 ml port
  • 15 ml cream
  • pinch salt
  • 1 allspice berry, ground (I did this with my mortar and pestle, if you’re using ground, I’d say just use a pinch)
  • 2.5 ml ground ginger

I mean, seriously, this (see below) is all you need to make delicious chicken pâté in less than half an hour (plus some time in the fridge). The ingredients above, a wee frying pan, and a little food processor:

prep and materials for delicious chicken liver pâté

homemade chicken liver pâté  on low-carb sesame sunflower cracker

half a cup of delicious homemade chicken liver pâté

So click the link to the Guardian blog for the full instructions, but basically you fry up the shallots, then add the chopped liver, reduce some Madeira (or port in my case), and whizz it all up in the processor. It takes 20 or 25 minutes tops, especially if you’re not neatly gathering it together for a photo to show just how simple and easy it is. You’re supposed to sieve it, which I didn’t bother, because I couldn’t be bothered and I was only making a small batch (fits perfectly into the tiny half cup mason jars).

It is a great snack or appetizer and is perfect to spread on the low-carb sesame sunflower crackers (pictured at top and at right).


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