low-carb chicken taco

Sorry for the gap in posts. I’ve been actively blogging the 30×30 Nature Challenge  from DavidSuzuki.org on my green blog over here for the past month. I do have a couple of posts in mind, though, so let’s get started with tacos.

I had a hankering a couple of weeks ago for Tex-Mex and searched online for a low-carb tortilla recipe. After looking at several, I decided to go with this one from lowcarb.ca, because it seemed the least complicated. I used half the recipe and made 8 small tortillas, but they weren’t very malleable so I changed tack and went with tacos instead, and they worked rather well! We didn’t have any soy protein powder, so I used plain whey protein isolate. I found that it was way too much water, so I would suggest just adding water until a ball forms, however this is likely because of the soy/whey substitution. (After I had added way too much water, I added more almond flour and whey protein isolate until it seemed the right consistency.)

Anyway, it was such a success, I did it again this past week again.


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