low-carb drink: refreshing mint water
Apologies for the theme change. The old one started not working on me, so I made a quick switch to this one. Onward…

A big quandary for people who don’t do sugar is: what to drink? No soft drinks, no juice (sure, fruit is okay, but not without the fibre), no milk (for me, anyway), and I never drank tea or coffee with sugar (okay, I did drink tea with sugar when I was a teen). Oh, and I’ve cut out all alcohol since it feeds my insomnia, and I value my sleep too dearly to knowingly throw a wrench into those works.

We drink a lot of water. And I am a bit of a coffee addict. Only 2 cups a day, but I have to have those 2 cups. With almond milk. And sometimes full cream. And the best is when I’m with my friends who get raw cream. Serious yum.

Of course water gets tedious. My husband, who is English, is happy drinking endless cups of tea (with almond milk), but the rest of us (who don’t drink endless cups of tea) get tired of water. So we mix it up a little, especially in summertime. Lemon water is a no brainer, and club soda, plain, or with a slice of citrus, but we also get out in the garden and pick mint to add to our water pitcher (and also make hot tea with it). It lasts a couple of days and is truly refreshing, not to mention lovely to look at (see above right).

low-carb drink: refreshing cucumber waterA spa favourite is cucumber water. We happened to get a ton of cucumber in the past few weeks in our CSA (community supported agriculture from Plan B Organic Farms) share, so I thought it would be a nice change, and help me to feel a little pampered in my own home. Plus, you have a delicious crunchy snack at the end.

Now that summer is nearly upon us (or, you know, upon us one minute and gone the next), I keep thinking of iced tea. We have always been fine with drinking iced tea without sweetener, so this is perfect for us. But I don’t particularly like my kids to be downing tons of caffeine, so I have to pick up some rooibos tisane (the Englishman has been very clear on the fact that if it doesn’t come from the tea plant, it is not tea, it is a tisane), which the guys will happily drink interchangeably with real tea. Add a few sliced lemons to a pitcher full and it’s delicious. A café I worked in during my university years used to use orange slices (and juice) which the guys might like as well.

low-carb drink: cold fruit tisaneA favourite of my kids, which came from a friend who also avoids sugar is to make a fruity tisane and let it cool and then refrigerate it. However, this one is tricksy for those expecting it to taste like it smells… folks who don’t know it’s just herbal tea (okay, okay, tisane!) think it’s going to be sweet. But my guys know what to expect and it’s a nice change for them. Our friend also came up with the brilliant idea of reusing glass milk bottles for this purpose. She had brought over the bottle (right) one day with some sort of cold berry tisane in it, which she was using with her kids to wean them off juice. (We also do use the lovely glass milk bottles with our homemade almond milk, which is a little confusing for folks visiting. Sorry, folks!)

Do you have any favourite sweetener-free low-carb beverages you enjoy and want to pass along?


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