We’ve been making much of our food from scratch for many years now (yogurt, dressings, breads, baked goods, soups, stocks, ice cream, granola, muesli, bits and bites, canning our own tomatoes and peaches, making our own jam and applesauce, etc.) Recently, my husband and I have both been looking into lifestyle changes, and have decided to lower our carb intake. To be honest, it’s been relatively low since my first pregnancy when I was diagnosed with gestational diabetes (and subsequently on the next pregnancy), but now we’ve made the move to cut out refined sugars (including honey and maple syrup and agave syrup and all those others) and flour, and we no longer eat pasta, among other things.

For the whys and wherefores, Blatherus has a good post with references here.

This blog is about the adventures in cuisine that going low carb brings to our already busy kitchen. I’ll post my own recipes, links to any online ones, recommendations for low carb cookbooks, and whatever else comes up in the low carb kitchen.

About me: I live in Canada, have an awesome husband and two amazing but fickle and picky-eating children. And of course they’re not picky about the same things. Generally we can count on one loving a meal while the other one hates it, ever providing the challenge of finding the perfect meals to make.


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